Kisah Benar Paksa, Raba Dan Rogol Kanak-Kanak


Hi awak..!

Reen ada baca beberapa status dari En. Syed Azmi di facebook beliau tentang kisah benar dipaksa, diraba, dirogol semasa kanak-kanak.

Tujuan Reen kongsi cerita ini adalah untuk membuka mata awak bahawa perkara ini memang terjadi dikalangan masyarakat kita dan agar kita dapat melindungi anak-anak/adik perempuan/adik lelaki kita daripada berlaku kejadian seperti ini.

Kisah Pertama

Salam Syed Azmi,

Selepas baca all the stories about child sexually abused, I finally open up to my husband and told him about what happened to me during my childhood.

Mak saya bekerja dan ayah saya adalah penagih dadah ketika itu. Dia jarang bekerja tapi mak tak tinggalkan kami di rumah sebaliknya hantar ke rumah pengasuh.

Selepas pulang dari tadika saya akan ke rumah pengasuh dan selalunya kalau pengasuh keluar ke mana2 adik lelakinya akan jaga kami.

Ketika itu dia akan menyuruh saya masuk ke bilik dan dia akan memegang alat sulit saya. At that momment I dont understand a thing but I really hate it.

Sampai satu masa saya dan adik selalu lari dari rumah pengasuh. Apabila mak tanya kenapa lari saya cuma cakap tak suka kerana pengasuh selalu paksa tidur.

I was clueless. No one ever told me that it was wrong for anyone to touch your private part.

Selepas terlalu kerap kami lari dari rumah pengasuh, mak decide untuk hantar kami ke rumah jiran yang lain. Alhamdulillah everythng was fine there.

Apa yang mengejutkan suami saya pun melalui perkara yang sama dan dia cakap sampai mati pun dia tak akan cerita pada siapa2. I think he is still traumatized.

Thanks for highlighting this issue and creating awareness to the society. Its not only the adults, we need to send this awareness to the kids too.

Need to tell them it is wrong for anyone to touch them and to let them know that we will always be there for them.

I wish the brighter future to all kids.

Kisah Kedua




I came from a broken family, my parents divorced when I was 7 years old and I'm the youngest. I always missed my dad after the separation as we were real close before.

Then I met this teacher when I was in primary school, 11 years old. He cares for me, give extra attention to me and buying me gifts.

Then I always stay back at school so I can talk to him, no one at my home as my older siblings in boarding school and my mom is working from dawn till midnight to support us.

One day, the teacher starts holding my hand, hugs me and even put his hand into my school uniform. I was clueless but I didn't stop him. 

This continues for several months, and I started to like it. One day, he brings me for a drive and then check in into a motel.

He wants 'that' and I tried to stop him, but he insists. It was painful, then I just realised that this is wrong. 

I started to avoid him, I became quiet, I get angry easily and I blame everyone but I never said a word.

I really hate my childhood and I dont want to remember anything in the past, but I hate myself more.

Now, almost 20 years has passed, I became worst. I thirst for lust, I seek for sex, and I always want that.

It ruins me. I blame him for all of these, I hate him so much but I hate myself more.

I don't know who's to blame but I need to build my inner strength first in order for me to fix myself.

Kisah Ketiga

Salam tuan syed

I am a 38 yrs old happily married woman with beautiful three children living a scarred life. I was too, a victim of sexual abuse. Happened when i was 5-6. 

Its a norm with us malaysians to send our children 'balik kampung' during school holidays; to let the children experience kampung life, spend time with their datuks n nenek etc. 

In my case, my fave cousins lived beside my grandparents house. So, every other weekends or school hols, my parents will leave me with with my cousins so we could all play together.

Sometimes, my parents let my 'pakcik' (cousins' father) to send me home. 

That was when it all started. He would stopped at any nearby oil palm 'kebun' n raped me. I really didnt know wat he was doing to me. I was five!

From dat moment he would raped me everytime he got the chance. Once in the river where he took me n his children for a splash.

Worst, he actually raped my cousin, his daughter too, who is a year older than me. I remember one night, where i am withy cousin at night.

She wispered to me 'Don't worry. He's not going to do it to us tonigt. He is fasting'. 

I didnt really understands her but she was wrong.
As time passes by n i get older, i no longer spend my weekends at my cousins.

I gradually, finally recalls wat was actually happened. 

Angry because not knowing wat to do, how to react. There's no one i can talk to. Not even my cousin because as we aged, we were seeing less of each other.

Though she did confessed she suffered from stressed b4 spm. 

This close from telling her mom because she just couldnt take it anymore. But she loves her mom so she chose to continue keeping it as a secret.

Also before her wedding day, her dad asked for a forgiveness and that she is going to put everything behind her. All this, thing, trauma? 

No. No trauma but i grew up being the person with the most hatred in my heart. I snapped at a blink of an eye.

All this bottling up kills me inside.
I tried telling my story to one of my good frens. 

Her respond? 'Who will marry u after this?' So i ended up telling all my steady bf bout my dark childhood.

The 'pakcik', on the other hand, will try to at least shake my hand during raya, or any fam gathering n i would try all i can to avoid him. Even until now.

I believe im a survivor. The fact that it happened when i was very, very young made the impact seems less, which im thankful for that.

However, i will not send my daughters to have a sleepover, not ever, to her frens hs, cousins, grandparents etc.

I ended up asking her 'did he touches u inappropriately anywhere?' everytime she gets a new male teacher, ustaz etc. or whenever i saw anyone from a family touches her (hugs, taps, handshakes) i would ask if she ever feels uncomfortable she should b clear bout it n say it out loud.

Thanks for reading.

Kisah Keempat

Salam Syed

Nak share cerita, just a short story, I was assigned to do some work in Rumah Kanak-Kanak Tengku Budriah.

When I was doing some health checkup there, ada seorang gadis umur 13 tahun dengan baby kecil datang untuk pemeriksaan. I tanya, adik ke? 

Then gadis tu berkata, tak, ni anak saya.
I was quite shocked to hear that, and of course muka I berubah ketika itu.

I teruskan check gadis tu and nasihat beliau untuk jaga kesihatan dan pemakanan dia dan baby.
Actually, it took me a while to compute.

I berkemas pulang dengan all my teammates, later gadis tu datang sebelah I, Akak, saya tak salah. Abang tiri saya buat saya macam ni.

Saya bagitahu mak tiri saya, mak tiri saya tak percaya. Saya dihalau keluar rumah. Matanya berkaca, dia menangis teresak-esak.

I was so sad for her. I can only say, adik sabar ya, adik tabah ya. Perlu apa-apa contact akak.

Dalam kereta, I rasa sedih sangat because I do not know what to do with her. And that is not her fault.
What can I do?

Ada banyak lagi kes-kes begini di facebook En. Syed Azmi. Klik link kat atas sekali under nama Syed Azmi untuk baca kisah yang lain.

Adik perempuan Reen pernah mengalami kes sebegini. Begini ceritanya.. Adik perempuan Reen tidur di rumah nenek kami belah ibu.

Masa tu kecik lagi dalam 4 tahun. Masa kecik kami memang kerap tidur rumah nenek.

Satu malam.. Adik Reen tengah tidur, terasa ada orang tengah selak kain dia. Cepat-cepat adik Reen tendang pastu bangun.

Orang tu pun kelang kabut lari. Masa tu keadaan gelap, adik Reen tak nampak muka orang yang selak kain dia.

Tapi.. Adik Reen boleh nampak bentuk badan and rambut orang tu.

Masa tu pulak lelaki yang ada kat dalam rumah, dua orang. Dua-dua pakcik kami. Rupa-rupanya pakcik kami yang satu ni punya kerja. Tapi dia memang tak mengaku.

Sejak kes ni, kami lebih berhati-hati.

Then suatu hari.. Sepupu Reen pula kena dengan pakcik yang sama. Alhamdulillah tak sempat juga.

Kami memang perasan pakcik kami yang sorang ni mata lain macam sikit. Suka tengok buah dada kami. Memang menakutkan.

Reen cerita ni bukan niat nak buka aib keluarga Reen. Reen cuma nak dijadikan pengajaran untuk kita, untuk anak-anak/adik perempuan/adik lelaki supaya lebih berhati-hati..

Dan.. Sejak dari kami kecil, ibu pesan awal-awal.. Tak baik bersentuhan dengan lelaki. Nanti boleh mengandung..! Jaga tubuh badan, jangan bagi lelaki sentuh.

Reen pula masih kecik lagi. Apa yang Reen faham masa tu, langsung tak boleh kecuali salam cium tangan untuk family sahaja. Kalau selain dari tu, Reen boleh pregnant..!

Bila lelaki lain nak salam Reen pun, Reen tak nak. Mind Reen dah set kalau bersentuh boleh pregnant.

Masa tingkatan 3 baru la Reen tau.. Persentuhan yang macam mana membolehkan perempuan pregnant.  Hahahahaaaa 

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